BrinkItOn- On the

Brink of Acceptance

Fighting Discrimination by Strategizing and Empowerment for the LGBTI Community in Bulgaria

The overall aim of the BrinkItOn project, funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020), is to improve the social acceptance of LGBTI people in Bulgaria. Among the project’s objectives are to identify and analyse the trends and societal perceptions regarding LGBTI people by conducting research, as well as to build the capacity of the LGBTI movement for strategic planning development. During the project duration, the first LGBTI Strategic Framework and Action Plan in Bulgaria will be developed which will further be utilized to empower the LGBTI community and its allies and mobilise support for change.

Main Activities

  • Conducting research on the needs of the LGBTI community across the country, as well as exploring societal perceptions and attitudes of the general public towards LGBTI people.

  • Carrying out consultations and enhancing the capacity of LGBTI community representatives to formulate strategic goals and develop a national Strategic Framework and Action Plan for the LGBTI movement in Bulgaria.

  • Organizing a series of events, including around Sofia Pride 2020, to build coalitions with various stakeholders and mobilize support for the implementation of the developed Strategic Framework.

  • Dissemination of information for the purposes of the Strategic Framework, both among the LGBTI communities and the general public, aimed to put forward the topic of equality in the public agenda.

24 months (1/07/2019 – 30/06/2021)
Partners: Bilitis Foundation, GLAS Foundation, Noema

The project is funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020)

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