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(2011) Slate Digital Torrent Mac ===> DOWNLOAD

(2011) Slate Digital Torrent Mac ===> DOWNLOAD

EDITOR'S CERTIFICATE . (2011) Slate Digital Torrent Mac HOT ⏵. No items have been added yet! Related Collections. Image with no alt text. 3 L - ROMEO AND JULIET-LET'S ACT . (2011) slate digital torrent mac CONNECT with us to get insider info on major speakers & topics, upcoming events & news/** * @fileoverview ArrayUtils * @author NHN FE Development Lab */ 'use strict'; /** * Generic ArrayHelper * @constructor */ var ArrayUtils = function () { }; /** * General template for the ArrayUtils * @param {Array} array the array to be helper * @returns {Array} the array to be helper * @memberof ArrayUtils */ ArrayUtils.template = function (array) { return array.reduce(function (a, b) { return a.concat(b); }); }; /** * Utility function to normalize the array * @param {Array} array the array to be normalize * @returns {Array} the array to be normalized * @memberof ArrayUtils */ ArrayUtils.normalizeArray = function (array) { var normalized = []; var total = array.length; for (var i = 0; i The invention relates to an X-ray examination apparatus, particularly a mammography apparatus, having an X-ray radiator for emitting radiation, a collimator and an X-ray detector for receiving the radiation emitted by the radiator. The invention also relates to a method for producing an X-ray image by means of an X-ray detector and an X-ray radiator. X-ray examinations are often used in practice to examine the interior of living organisms, for example humans or animals. Normally in this case, X-ray radiation in the form of X-rays having wavelengths between approximately 0.2 nm


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