Equality League

the idea


The League of Equality  is a coalition of organizations, activists and experts who work for the full participation of all citizens in public life, with a focus on some of the most excluded groups (Roma, LGBTI, deaf, people with disabilities).

  • Consolidating and building the capacity of a coalition of organizations, participants and activists working with different marginalised communities;

  • Building a movement against discrimination by engaging current and future leaders from disadvantaged communities, as well as allies, with a focus on young people;

  • Countering the harmful stereotypes that lead to discrimination through training, cultural and political events;

  • Ensuring political response and participation of oppressed communities in the political life;

  • Testing, evaluating and disseminating a model for joint action by oppressed communities and their organizations against any form of discrimination.

Equality League and 2019 local elections

On October 17, 2019, the Equality League, together with partners from the civil sector, hosted a pre-election debate "Sofia on Equality: Policies for Vulnerable Groups". It was the first forum in Bulgaria to enable representatives of several marginalised groups - the Roma community, the LGBTI community and the deaf community - which allowed them to raise their questions to local government candidates and hear their ideas on how they can be addressed.


We are grateful to those involved in this debate:


Anna Wilfan (Pat na Mladite) - Candidate for Municipal Councilor, Maya Manolova Campaign

Gergin Borisov (Save Sofia) - candidate for municipal councilor, Boris Bonev's campaign has a plan for Sofia

Malina Edreva (GERB Political Party) - candidate for municipal councilor, Yordanka Fandakova campaign - Yordanka Fandakova

Marta Georgieva (Democratic Bulgaria) - candidate for municipal councilor, campaign of Arch. Borislav Ignatov as mayor of Sofia

Equality March  in Plovdiv

In recent years there has been an increasing division of Bulgarian society. In 2019, it was further polarized by divisive election campaigns, some of which specifically undermined the values of tolerance  and human rights. Marginalized groups were identified, targeted and demonized, among which the most vulnerable were traditionally the Roma and LGBTI people. Attempts to guarantee the rights of women and children were sabotaged, and policy changes towards people with disabilities were discussed misunderstood. The civil sector and non-governmental organizations working for progressive causes have been attacked and discredited.

It is high time for this backwards movement regarding human rights in Bulgaria to stop. It is time we took the talk about vulnerable groups out of the field of nationalist hysteria and normalize the conversation about differences. It is time we started working constructively for inclusive policies and not for division and exclusion.

We believe that the main political forces in Bulgaria are ready for this step, but they fear that their opponents will take advantage of it and attack them. However,there is a very simple solution -we should do this step together.

Therefore, we call on all major political forces with a pro-European profile, all civic organizations and groups working to promote human rights, all representatives of vulnerable groups, all citizens who believe in the humanistic idea of ​​dignity and equality, to start taking the first steps together. As a symbolic start of this process, we invite everyone to join the "Together is Great" Equality march on International Tolerance Day - November 16th. It will be held in the Plovdiv - a traditionally tolerant city, which won the European Capital of Culture title for 2019 with the motto “Together”.

The march is a message that, regardless of political strategies for division, we can strengthen the social fabric, treat each other with respect, support those in a situation of inequality. Joining the march is our way of saying that everyone is human, regardless of ethnicity, religion, skin color, sexual orientation and gender identity, disability or any other identity. This is the beginning of a long road towards a society of equality in which we are freer, more dignified and we must walk it together. The Declaration was initiated by the Equality League - a coalition of organizations, activists and experts working for the full participation of all citizens in public life, focusing on some of the most marginalized groups (Roma, LGBTI, deaf, disabled) . The Declaration is open for support from institutions, non-governmental organizations, informal collectives and groups, as well as citizens. To support, click here.


The Equality League Project is a joint project of the SEGA Foundation,  Youth LGBT Organization Deystvie, Roma-Stolipinovo Youth Club and Listen Now Foundation. The project is funded by the European Commission Law, Equality and Citizenship Program (2014-2020).


The project is co-funded by the European Union's, Equality and Citizenship Program (2014-2020)