Rainbow Over Hate


Enhancing the capacity of public and private actors to provide support to victims of anti-LGBTI hate crimes in Bulgaria (Rainbow Over Hate)


The aims of the Rainbow Over Hate project, co-funded by the DJ Justice Programme of the European Comission, are to assess the applicability of the transposition of Directive 2012/29/EU in Bulgaria to the needs of the LGBTI people in the country, to develop a policy paper providing recommendations on the transposition of the Directive and to inform the EC for breaches of the European law. Among the project’s objectives are to provide capacity building activities for professionals with direct contact to victims of hate crimes, to raise awareness on homophobic and transphobic hate crimes and incidents and their consequences both within and outside the LGBTI community, to build coalitions that will participate in the consultative process with the state and will join efforts for policy changes in regards to hate crimes.


Main activities

  • Encouraging the ongoing collection and the reporting of hate crimes;

  • Creating a shadow report on the transposition of the Directive;

  • Partnership building with the police;

  • Providing national and regional trainings for the police;

  • Providing trainings for victim support centres;

  • Providing trainings for lawyers;

  • Creating a campaign for the LGBTI community and the general public;

  • Organizing community events that will raise awareness on the subject;

  • Organizing trust building events and seminars for the police, prosecutors and LGBTI activists;

  • Organizing a round table discussion;

  • Organizing an international conference dedicated to the subject of hate crimes;



24 months (1/07/2019 – 30/06/2021)



LGBT Deystvie



The project is funded by the European Union's, Equality and Citizenship Program (2014-2020)