Healthy, Brave, and Proud


A mental health support program for LGBTI youth


The project is aimed at improving the LGBTI community's awareness of the mental health with a particular focus on LGBTI youth. LGBTI people often do not have opportunities for full inclusion in the  public life and are stigmatized in their own families, which affects young people very much. Factors such as bullying and domestic violence, the total stigmatization of LGBTI people community, lack of professionals aware of the community needs and an established   support system contribute to many cases of mental health problems among LGBTI youth. 

From 2019 Deystvie organizes group support meetings led by the psychologist Anna Doneva and the group facilitator Joana Nikolova. The psychological help group is a process will long-term improve the mental health of its participants  and will address common issues.

The project is financed by the TELUS International Bulgaria Community Board.