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+ We are providing pro-bono legal services

+ Use strategic legislation and advocacy tools for legislation changes

+ Organizing mass public events, protests, marches (such as Sofia Pride, Sofia Pride Film Festival, Equality March, Women’s March)

Deystvie is an organization dedicated to bringing change to the lives of LGBTI people in Bulgaria. Our vision is to accomplish full rights recognized by the law, and to gain full social inclusion for LGBTI people in a society where they feel safe and respected.

Our mission

What are we fighting for

+ Informed and empowered LGBTI community
+ Improving the qualification of state and municipal employees in working with the LGBTI community

+ Informing the general public about the problems/rights of the LGBTI community

+ Legal regulation of relationships between same-sex partners

+ Legal regulation of same-sex families with children

+ Legal regulation of the procedure for gender reassignment

+ Incrimination in the Criminal Code of hate crimes on homophobic and transphobic grounds

The beginning...

Youth LGBT organization Deystvie started out as an informal group of 7 people who started gathering and organizing events and campaigns.

 In 2009 we organized a protest in Pazardzhik against the municipal regulation that prohibited homosexuality.

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Two years later we organized an information campaign near the Sofia University and gathered around 120 people on a Bike ride.


In 2012 with 20 artists we organized the Colorful musical festival which was attended by 500 people. In the end of the festival we had a jar full of money with which we managed to register Youth LGBT organization Deystvie in the Sofia regional court. 



In 2012 Denitsa went to get her second masters degree in International public law in the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands. When she came back to Bulgaria in 2014, she decided that the way to change the negative social environment for LGBT people is through legislative changes. That’s why Denitsa as a co-founder of Deystvie launched the Legal program. From 2014 to 2016, supported by the Norwegian financial mechanism, Deystvie provided pro-bono legal help to over 50 people and organized seminars about discrimination, attended by over 200 participants.



In the following years the organization expanded its work. The first parenthood events were held in Sofia and Plovdiv and we also created the support group for LGBT parents. In 2015 we organized the first LGBT forum in Bulgaria on the topic of The Movement for equal rights and freedoms for the LGBT community. Since 2015 Deystvie is a part of the organizing committee for Sofia Pride. Every year we also organize Sofia Pride Film Fest with the best selection of international LGBT movies.




In 2017 we took on the first case in Bulgaria for legal recognition of a same-sex marriage, conducted abroad. We launched the project “Hate crimes” where we gathered data from the big cities in the county about homophobic and transphobic crimes and incidents. Our work in other cities continued with the initiative “Days of LGBT” in Varna, consisting of art, culture, sports and leisure events. Other projects launched in 2017 are: L.E.A.D. academy which helps identify and bring together activist from all over the country; the health program for prevention and support for people living with HIV; the project Love Moves that supports same-sex families and



In 2018 Deystvie took on Cristina and Mariama’s case for the freedom of movement. We won it at first instance. Furthermore, we continued working on Lily and Dari’s cases against Sofia municipality and the Center for assisted reproduction. We managed to change Regulation 34 for 3-monthly prescriptions for people living with HIV. We published a report about hate crimes and we participated in the workgroup for the Istanbul convention. We started working on the coalition project with the roma and deaf communities – Equality league. For the first time we got a big supporter for Sofia Pride – Walltopia. Together with GLAS and Bilitis we opened the first LGBT community center in Bulgaria – Rainbow Hub.


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In 2019 continued our work with families, parents and hate crime victims. In the Supreme court we won Cristina and Mariama’s case. We got another major support for Sofia Pride – Air Italy, and we organized the first Pride afterparty on the roof of Walltopia. We launched two new programs – one for mental health and one for young activist – Rainbow Rays.

At the end of 2019 we are starting two new projects together with GLAS and Bilitis – Rainbow Over Hate, Rainbow Shield, BrinkItOn. We’re planning an expansion of the legal program.



our team

Veneta Limberova


Veneta has a master’s degree in law from Sofia University with a specialisation in pharmaceutical law. Becoming a parent in a same sex relationship and realising the lack of any legal protection for LGBTIQ+ families in Bulgaria, Veneta chose to change her career path and became the Chairperson of Deystvie. Since 2015 she has been passionately involved in all of Deystvie’s activities and dedicates her time working with the community, institutions, and partners on promoting the rights of LGBTIQ+ parents and families and the advancement of LGBTIQ+ related hate crime protection.
Denitsa Lyubenova


Denitsa is a lawyer and human rights defender. She graduated in Law from the University of National and World Economy and specialized in International Public Law at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands. Denitsa has many years of experience and proven expertise in LGBTI people cases for recognition of marriage concluded abroad, recognition of birth certificates of children of same-sex couples born abroad, cases for change of civil sex and other cases for protection of LGBTI rights. people. Denitza is suing the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the European Union. The most recent case that Denitsa is conducting together with Deystviee concerns the issuance of a Bulgarian birth certificate and citizenship to a child born into a same-sex family, which is heard by the highest instance - Grand Chamber of the Court of Justice (C-490/20). .
Boryana Krasteva
Снимка Боряна.jpeg

project coordinator


Boryana is a project coordinator in Action. She has more than 17 years of experience working in the non-governmental sector towards the integration of disadvantaged communities, with a focus on the Roma community and youth. From the autumn of 2019, Boryana became part of the Action team, embarking on a new challenge - working in the field of LGBTI rights and social inclusion of LGBTI people in society. Works on a number of projects, participates in organizing events of the organization.
Ana Mihova
Снимка Ани .jpeg

legal assistant


Anna is a legal assistant to the team of Action lawyers. Anna is studying Law at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" and is part of Action from 2018.
Borimir Totev

project coordinator


Borimir’s interests are at the intersection of migration, politics, community organising and culture. A graduate of University College London, with experience working as an arts and creative events producer, social impact communications and marketing, as well as developing, managing and delivering public programmes in the charity, civil rights and not-for-profit sectors.

Svetlozar Dimitrov

project coordinator

Svetlozar is currently a student of Political Science. He has experience both in the non-governmental sector and actively participates in the political life of the country and is involved in public discussions and initiatives. He believes that human rights are not systematically respected in Bulgaria and this is extremely unacceptable for a member state of the European Union and the times in which we live!





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