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Ongoing projects


Мисия възможна

Past projects


Rainbow Hub

The Rainbow Hub project is implemented with a financial support of EUR 110 147 provided by Iceland, Leichteinsten and Norway under the EEA Financial Mechanism. Its overall aim is to increase the capacity and mobilize the LGBTI community by supporting 8 self-support groups at Rainbow Hub Community Center, to provide advocacy training and to support advocacy initiatives for each group. The eight groups that will be covered by the project are the BraveLab LGBTI youth group, the QueerFem group of lesbians and feminists, the trans and intersex people group, the LGBTI professionals group, the parents of LGBTI youth group, the group for LGBTI living with HIV, LGBTI Family Group, the group “Rights in Action”.


Rainbow Over Hate

The aims of the Rainbow Over Hate project, co-funded by the DJ Justice Programme of the European Comission, are to assess the applicability of the transposition of Directive 2012/29/EU in Bulgaria to the needs of the LGBTI people in the country, to develop a policy paper providing recommendations on the transposition of the Directive and to inform the EC for breaches of the European law. Among the project’s objectives are to provide capacity building activities for professionals with direct contact to victims of hate crimes, to raise awareness on homophobic and transphobic hate crimes and incidents and their consequences both within and outside the LGBTI community, to build coalitions that will participate in the consultative process with the state and will join efforts for policy changes in regards to hate crimes.


BrinkItOn- On the
Brink of Acceptance

The overall aim of the BrinkItOn project, funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020), is to improve the social acceptance of LGBTI people in Bulgaria. Among the project’s objectives are to identify and analyse the trends and societal perceptions regarding LGBTI people by conducting research, as well as to build the capacity of the LGBTI movement for strategic planning development. During the project duration, the first LGBTI Strategic Framework and Action Plan in Bulgaria will be developed which will further be utilized to empower the LGBTI community and its allies and mobilise support for change.



Healthy, Brave, and Proud

The project is aimed at improving the LGBTI community's awareness of the mental health with a particular focus on LGBTI youth. LGBTI people often do not have opportunities for full inclusion in the  public life and are stigmatized in their own families, which affects young people very much. Factors such as bullying and domestic violence, the total stigmatization of LGBTI people community, lack of professionals aware of the community needs and an established   support system contribute to many cases of mental health problems among LGBTI youth.

The project is financed by the TELUS International Bulgaria Community Board.


Together against discrimination

Developing tools for civic participation in the formulation, implementation and monitoring of anti-discrimination policies in Bulgaria. Providing opportunities for active citizenship in the work of state bodies and institutions in the field of anti- discrimination policies.


Hate Crime Reporting Platform

In 2019 Deystvie concluded a contract with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE / ODIHR) for maintenance of a hate crime reporting platform.


Rainbow Shield

The Rainbow Shield project aims to enhance the legal protection of LGBTI people in Bulgaria.

The project will reach these goals through training and networking among legal practitioners, training of LGBTI community leaders, international study visit at LGBTI Association ACCEPT Romania, through launching and running of holistic legal program, through campaigning within the LGBTI community through community events and an international conference.

The project is funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020).


National LGBT Legal Program

The program provides free legal consultations and legal assistance for LGBTI persons, their partners, families and such children, victims of hate crimes, discrimination or other incidents with discriminatory motive sexual orientation or gender expression.

The project National LGBT Legal Program exists with the financial support of 110 820 euro of Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria through the Financial Mechanism of EEA provided by Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway.


Queers ahead!

The project „Queers ahead!“ aims, to enable queer youth and voluntary work, to strengthen young queer people during the transition between education and work and to assert themself in their changing life.

The central question of the project is: How can we prepare our youngsters for the transition and the upcoming changes in the work environment better?

Funded under the Erasmus+ programme to JUGEND für Europa, National Agency Erasmus+ Youth in Action, Germany.


Equality League

The League of Equality  is a coalition of organizations, activists and experts who work for the full participation of all citizens in public life, with a focus on some of the most excluded groups (Roma, LGBTI, deaf, people with disabilities).

The Equality League Project is a joint project of the SEGA Foundation,  Youth LGBT Organization Deystvie, Roma-Stolipinovo Youth Club and Listen Now Foundation. The project is funded by the European Commission Law, Equality and Citizenship Program (2014-2020).


Rainbow Rays

Rainbow Rays is a youth-led project that aims to empower young LGBTI people to achieve quality change in their local communities by strengthening their skills and understanding of solidarity, active citizenship and social inclusion. Two LGBTI youth groups were established – one in Sofia and one in another city in the country. The project participants participated in the organization of events in solidarity with the local community.Networking meetings between the youth and activists working in the fields of youth work, community organizing and LGBTI rights took place. The group shared best practices in a handbook about establishing LGBTI youth group within the local context.  The project is financed by the European Solidarity Corpus of the European Union. 

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