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Round table "Hate crimes against LGBTI people in Bulgaria - good practices and steps forward"

On 07 October LGBT Deystvie organised a round table on "Hate crimes against LGBTI people in Bulgaria - good practices and steps forward", which took place in Sofia. It was attended by representatives of the Bulgarian LGBTI community, international experts, politicians and activists.

The round table was attended by Ministry of Interior officials who presented their activities in the selection of police officers to be contact points in the country regarding crimes against the LGBTI community. A number of these officers have been through a series of trainings that Action has provided in 2019 and 2020 in collaboration with the US Embassy and the US Bar Association.

The official speeches of Mr. Angel Banjov from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ms. Eleni Tsetseku from the Council of Europe, reinforced the positions of both institutions to support reforms to ensure the protection of the LGBTI community, which is among the most vulnerable groups in Bulgarian society.

The pledges of the MPs in the 45th and 46th National Assemblies, Adv. Nikolay Hadzhigenov and Borislav Sandov to submit a bill to amend and supplement the Criminal Code to include homophobic and transphobic hate crimes!

Later, the co-chairman of the Green Movement Borislav Sandov announced through the official website of the formation that all future Green MPs, part of the 47th National Assembly, will be involved in the submission of the bill and talks with other political forces in order for the landmark change to gather the necessary support and be voted on. For his part, Adv. Denitsa Lyubenova from Action, expressed her readiness and support for the drafting of the future law.

We would like to thank all participants in the roundtable, including:

  • Rob Dixon, UK Ambassador to Bulgaria;

  • Eleni Tsetseku, Director of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Directorate at the Council of Europe;

  • Angel Banjov, Director of the Human Rights Directorate, Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

  • Galia Petkova, member of the LGBTI community;

  • Angelina Letnikova, LGBTI activist;

  • Gloria Filipova, Bilitis Foundation;

  • Maria Alkalay, trainer at the Council of Europe;

  • Radoslav Stoyanov, Bulgarian Helsinki Committee;

  • Assoc. Milorad Yordanov, Academy of the Ministry of Interior;

  • Adv. Nikolay Hadzhigenov, MP, 46th National Assembly;

  • Borislav Sandov, MP, 46th National Assembly.

A recording of the roundtable can be watched here:


LGBTI organization Deystvie

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