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Stanislava Tetevenska: My reason for attending Pride

This year I will be attending Pride for the first time because I feel, in my heart and soul, that I must be there. The first reason is – I want to show my support for all LGBTI people and their families by attending, so they can have equal human rights, as people who love, work, create families and raise children. So they will not be afraid for their life and so we can all live in a country where we are equal. The second reason – my child.

I will go to Pride, find my child, hug and kiss him, tell him how much I love him, how proud of him I am. I will tell him that I support him fully, that I do not know a person with a bigger heart.

I believe that he, and all of us, are fighting together to change people’s negative attitudes, as well as their prejudices.

On the 9th of June, at 16:00, I will be there, holding the rainbow flag, smiling.

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