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The Bilitis Foundation presented the Rainbow Hub project

On the 18th of December, an informative meeting was held on the Rainbow Hub project, financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Financial Mechanism. The meeting took place in the community center Rainbow Hub in Sofia, attended by partners in the project, volunteers and people from the community, some of which participate in support groups made possible specifically by this project, as well as by other partners.

The meeting began with a presentation of the project, presenting and discussing the main objectives and planned activities for the future, and continued with a cocktail-party for the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays.


The Rainbow Hub project is made possible with a financial contribution in the amount of 110 147 euros provided by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Financial Mechanism. Its main objective is capacity building and mobilization of the LGBTI community for advocacy through 8 support groups in the Rainbow Hub community center, trainings of participants of the groups in advocacy and supporting them in creating advocacy initiatives for every group. The eight groups which the project covers are the LGBTI youth group BraveLab, QueerFem – a group for lesbians and feminists, a group for trans and intersex people, a group for LGBTI professionals, a group for parents of LGBTI youth, a group for LGBTI people living with HIV, a group for LGBTI families, the Rights in Action group.

The project is made possible with the financial help of the Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism. Youth LGBT Organization Deystvie takes full responsibility for the contents of the event and it should not, under any circumstances, be taken as the official position of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism or the operator of the Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria.

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