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The book The Courage to Be: The Power of Law

The Courage to Be: The Power of Law shares 10 stories of people who had the courage to assert their rights as part of the LGBTI community in Bulgaria.

Who are the LGBTI people who dared to assert their rights? What it is like to be a same-sex couple raising children in Bulgaria? What is the price you pay for fighting for legal recognition of your relationship? What it is like to be a gay refugee in Bulgaria? What kind of battles do people who live with HIV, and their partners, have to face? What is it like to be a trans person and endure a gender reassignment case? What is it like to face the legal system as an LGBTI person?

Expect to find an answer to all these questions soon, in the collection of personal stories The Courgae to Be: The Power of Law. The book is a continuation of the Courage to Be series. The first part was focused on successful LBT women in Bulgaria and their battles, and now Youth LGBT Organization Deystvie presents the stories of people who have sought help from the legal program. All of them show us the challenges but also the successes of people who have dared to use the instruments of law in their fight for equal rights for LGBTI people in Bulgaria.

Since 2014, Youth LGBT Organization Deystvie offers free consultations and legal aid for people in the LGBTI community who have had their rights violated. Contact the Legal Program at or Facebook.

The Courage to Be: The Power of Law is part of the project National LGBTI Legal Program. The main goal of the project is empowering the LGBTI community by ensuring direct access to legal defense in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and Veliko Tarnovo. Filing cases leads to official national statistics and an official reflection of an existing problem, which will lead to amending legislation and improving the life of LGBTI people in Bulgaria.

The Program offers free consultations and legal aid for LGBTI people, their partners, families and their children, victims of hate crimes, discrimination or other incidents with the discriminatory grounds being sexual orientation or gender expression.

This publication is made possible with the financial help of the Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism. Youth LGBT Organization Deystvie takes full responsibility for the contents of the documents and under no circumstances can this document be considered as reflecting the official opinion of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism.

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