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The legal program for and of the LGBTI community

Since 2014, LGBT Youth Deystvie has been providing free legal advice and assistance in filing reports, complaints and lawsuits to protect the rights of LGBTI people in Bulgaria.

Over the years, both the demand for the legal program and its credibility have been growing:

"If it weren't for Deystvie, I don't think I would have made it on my own. They helped me enormously throughout the process, from finding specialists who agreed to examine me so I could get their expertise, which could then be presented in court, to getting the new documents which mentioned I was a man. I hope that more people from the community in a similar or similar situation will approach Action and also benefit from the pro bono services they offer." - Daniel, a trans man from Ruse.

In the months of May and June 2021, we witnessed unprecedented aggressive attacks on spaces and events organised by and for the LGBTI community: *15 May Burgas Pride - Love is stronger than hate attacked and surrounded by over 300 defenders of "traditional values".

*May 25 - the presentation of MRAVIN | Is the little ant too late or too late? At The Steps - attacked and surrounded by defenders of "traditional values"

*May 27 - The presentation of two books by the LGBT youth organization "Deystvie" at Radio Plovdiv - attacked and surrounded by defenders of "traditional values".

*May 30 - Premiere of "Shells" - the new short film by Slava Doycheva - an organized group of about 40 young people wearing "Lukovmarsh" and "BNS" masks set up in the hall and made an unsuccessful attempt to disrupt the screening

*June 6 - Nationalists besiege the screening of the film "Snake", accusing the organizers of distributing a film with paedophile motives, despite the fact that a few days earlier the police had reviewed the film and found no evidence to support their claim. The LGBT community announced a protective action half an hour before the screening and formed a human chain.

The Sofia Pride Film Fest 2021 screenings were subject to homophobic attacks by young people, members of nationalist parties and BNS, who tried to intimidate LGBTI visitors. Despite the aggressive actions and insults directed at our community, they failed to dampen our enthusiasm and willingness to stand up for our views and fight for our rights!

Правната програма на Младежка ЛГБТ Организация “Действие” предоставя безплатна правна помощ и консултации на ЛГБТИ лица. Връзка с нас може да се осъществи лесно чрез онлайн правната платформа.

От май 2021 г. работата на Правната програма е подкрепена и от Фонда за равни права (Equal Rights in Action Fund)

LGBT Youth Destvie's legal program provides free legal assistance and advice to LGBTI people. We can be easily contacted through our online legal platform.

From May 2021, the work of the Legal Programme is also supported by the Equal Rights in Action Fund.

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