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Trans people in Bulgaria have rights! Claim them! Gender reassignment procedure

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Gender reassignment is done under the Civil Registration Act. A name change (first, middle and surname) is regulated under Art. 19(1) CRA. In order for the change to be made, a written application must by submitted to the District Court of the person’s permanent address specifying why they request a change of their name, gender and personal identification number.

The court determines a state fee for opening a case – usually between 15 and 50 BGN.

The application must include an in-depth description of the history of the person’s transsexuality: when they first realized they were transsexual, whether they are taking hormones, whether they have seen an endocrinologist, whether they intend to have a surgery.

Depending on the court examining the case of the trans person who has submitted the application, various expert evaluations are appointed, including: psychological, psychiatric, gynecological, forensic, endocrinological, etc. In the first court hearing, the expert witness presents the expert report and its conclusion. Court expert reports vary in price – between 300 and 500 BGN. The first court hearing also includes at least one witness evidence. It is possible to have more than one hearing depending on the court’s experience and how well-founded the application is.

The court will then deliver a judgment which either allows or does not allow the change of gender, PIN and name. A court’s judgment not to allow gender reassignment is subject to appeal in a higher court.

A court’s judgment allowing gender reassignment MAY NOT be appealed. After this, the individual must change all personal documents.

LGBTI Organization Deystvie offers free legal aid for trans cases. You can contact us at

This publication is made possible with the financial help of the Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism. Youth LGBT Organization Deystvie takes full responsibility for the contents of the documents and under no circumstances can this document be considered as reflecting the official opinion of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism.

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