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Ursula von der Leyen will present a plan for fighting racism and homophobia in the EU

‘I will not rest when it comes to building a Union of equality.

A Union where you can be who you are and love who you want – without fear of recrimination or discrimination.’

The President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen had sharp criticism directed at the homophobic policies of the Polish nationalist government, stating that the European Union has ‘no place’ for areas like the LGBT-free zones’ declared in Poland.

‘LGBTQI-free zones are humanity free zones. And they have no place in our Union.’

‘Breaches of the rule of law cannot be tolerated.’

‘… the Commission will soon put forward a strategy to strengthen LGBTQI rights. As part of this, I will also push for mutual recognition of family relations in the EU. If you are parent in one country, you are parent in every country.’

‘So now is the moment to make change. To build a truly anti-racist Union – that goes from condemnation to action.’

Ursula von der Leyer announced she will present an action plan for fighting racism and hate crimes based on race, gender or sexuality.

You can watch Ursula von der Leyer’s full speech on the subject here at 01:51:40

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