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Velislava Petkova: My reason for attending Pride

When I was little (I still am), I did not like it when people would tell others or me off for appearance, different opinion and things like that, so I decided I will not let my life be led by other’s opinions, because I knew that all of us are different, everyone has a story, feelings, needs, and I do not have to understand all of it. If they do not do harm to anyone, no one should judge them.

When I grew up, I taught my kids, from a very young age, that no one has authority over them or their bodies. I tried to never impose opinions, wants and stereotypes – I even set an example by challenging people.

I taught them that regardless of the color of their skin, hair or any other human and animal characteristic, WE ARE ALL THE SAME. Everybody has the right to be happy and at peace, and then anybody could save the world, because when one feels understood and not judged by society, they become good, they give love and show compassion to others. Good attracts good and bad attracts bad.

That is why my children’s life is not easy despite their young age. Both my daughters fight for these values and even though we supposedly live in more liberal times, it is still hard for them to uphold those principles because our society is extremely unjust and there are STUPID prejudices woven into it.

But I know that despite the hardships, depressions and judgments, they will not give up fighting for the freedom to be yourself, to love yourself, regardless of what others think.

That is why I will go to Pride again, to show support to everyone who is different from me, the same way they support me – someone different from them.


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