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We hosted the largest LGBTI+ conference in Europe

We are happy to share that we hosted this year's ILGA-Europe Annual Conference, which took place in Sofia from 19 to 22 October with the theme "Building the Future World" in collaboration with Bilitis Foundation and GLAS Foundation!

Against the backdrop of climate change, wars and conflicts, humanitarian crises, mass migration and increasingly polarised politics, we are at a historic moment when the world is experiencing major changes on many levels. Amidst all this, the stakes are high for the rights, freedom and equality of LGBTI people. One of the strengths shaping the future world is the long-standing, cohesive, progressive, organised and active LGBTI movement, which is at the heart of building a better society for all.

For four days we were able to exchange experiences and ideas with hundreds of activists from across the continent. Our Chairman Veneta Limberova was part of three sessions: fighting hate crimes, recognizing the rights of same-sex parents and our overall legal work to improve community life in Bulgaria. We also presented Think Freedom: Freedom is Deystvie, a film about the landmark victory in Baby Sarah's case.

Thank you to ILGA-Europe, all the volunteers and friends who made the conference possible and with whom we shared the excitement and emotions!

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