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What you can expect from us in the near future

In 2021 and 2022, the Youth LGBT organization Action will continue its initiatives in support of the LGBT community in the country, holding events online and in person in the cities of Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and Veliko Tarnovo. We focus on the stories of people from the community we have supported through National LGBTI Legal Programme.

Our program:

April - Veliko Tarnovo

May - Burgas and Plovdiv

June - Sofia and Varna

If you want to know more about our upcoming events and initiatives, you can email us at and follow us on our Facebook news page.

Since 2014 LGBT Youth Deystvie has been providing free counselling and legal assistance to people from the LGBTI community for violations of their rights. You can register on our legal platform through this link:

This publication is produced in the framework of the National LGBTI Legal Programme project. The main goal of the project is to empower the LGBTI community by providing direct access to legal protection through the National LGBTI Legal Programme in the cities of Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and Veliko Tarnovo. The filing of cases leads to official national statistics and official coverage of an existing problem, which in turn will lead to changes in legislation and improved lives for LGBTI people in Bulgaria.

This publication has been produced with the financial support of the Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area. The entire responsibility for the content of this document lies with LGBT Youth Action and under no circumstances can it be assumed that this document reflects the official position of the EEA Financial Mechanism.

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