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we are here because of you!

We exist in order to guarantee and defend the rights of all LGBTIQ+ people in Bulgaria

we still have a lot of work to do

in order to achieve full equal rights and social inclusion of the LGBTIQ+ community in Bulgaria 

how to get involved

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direct support

Everyone wants to live in a society where they feel secure and accepted. 


We need direct support in order to continue our work towards achieving full equal rights and social inclusion for the LGBTIQ+ community in Bulgaria.


If you’re interested in supporting a particular aspect of our work or our on-the-ground efforts in a specific region of Bulgaria, then we’d love to hear from you.

Send an email to

network building

Discrimination and hate crimes on the basis of sexual orientation and identity will continue to take place until we are able to change the laws and influence the thinking of decision makers.


We want you to get in touch if you are able to help in influencing positive change - either directly, through your network or via your workplace and organisation.

- or -

Help out on behalf of your workplace or organisation

advisory board

The number of LGBTIQ+ Bulgarians that choose to emigrate is increasing. A large percentage of them still care about the state of the LGBTIQ+ community at home. 


We want to hear from those of you abroad and build an engaged community for knowledge exchange and support. 


Our advisory board of LGBTIQ+ Bulgarians abroad meets biannually. Sign up and we’ll tell you more!

Join our advisory board of LGBTIQ+ Bulgarians abroad

where does your money go?

We delivered over 300 consultation on different LGBTIQ+ cases


We kicked off the first lawsuit in the European Court of Justice on the topic of same sex marriage 


We organised 3 specialist workshops for solicitors on the subject of defending LGBTIQ+ rights


We began expanding our legal programme into the cities Burgas, Varna, Plovidv and Veliko Tarnovo


We organised 4 regional and 2 national training sessions for the police force in collaboration with the Interior Ministry, the Police Academy and police forces from Serbia and Greece

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