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Burgas Pride - The first Pride outside Sofia

On May 15, Burgas Pride - Love is Stronger than Hate took place in the city of Burgas, where, besides our team, activists from all over the country took part to support the local community.

As an organization that has always supported the community across the country, our team assisted the Pride organizers in working with the Ministry of Interior structures that were tasked with ensuring the safety of the participants.

We share with you the words of lawyer Denitsa Lyubenova and Svetlozar Dimitrov, who commented on what happened:

"On the occasion of yesterday, I want to say that the Police did not get it right! They made gross mistakes which, given the aggression of the counter-protesters, put in danger the lives of citizens exercising their right to peaceful assembly.

However, the courage of the participants in Burgas Pride was important - Love is stronger than hate. Some of them came alone, without knowing anyone. Others were threatened with expulsion from school, yet the smile did not leave their faces. Because they could finally be themselves! Happy Pride Burgas and thank you for your courage!"

"I was there and watched carefully...One group gathered, listened to music and talked until the other group came (admitted by the police) and started pelting bottles, stones, eggs, cucumbers and smoke. The rainbow flag was burnt in a barbaric manner and the atmosphere was like a war...I saw no Christian values or morals."

Despite the tension and the verbal aggression from the defenders of the "traditional Christian family", no physical altercations took place during the Pride, and for security reasons no march was held through the streets of Burgas.

For us at Action, what happened in Burgas is only an incentive to continue fighting for full legal recognition and social inclusion of LGBTI people in a society where they feel safe and recognised.

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