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Third training for lawyers on LGBTI subjects

In 2018 and 2019, Youth LGBTI Organization Deystvie filed dozens of cases related to LGBTI matters. These included applications for international protection; cases for discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity; cases regarding the right to reside in Bulgaria of a partner in a same-sex couple; applications for citizenship for a spouse in a same-sex couple; status of children born in a same-sex family; claims for international parental child abduction in same-sex families; bodily injury caused to LGBTI persons based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. We have submitted applications to the European Court of Human Rights as well as complaints for breaches of EU law.

In 2020, LGBT Organization Deystvie devoted itself to finding more members among our lawyer colleagues. The goal is to create a community of lawyers from around the country who we can trust will treat LGBTI people with respect and professionalism. For that purpose, Deystvie launches a series of trainings for attorneys, junior attorneys, lawyers and fourth- and fifth-year students in the Faculty of Law in four main areas:

Module 1 | 18-19th of January

Migration and refugee issues related to LGBTI individuals

Module 2 | 25-26th of July

Family law issues related to LGBTI people – the training will be conducted by the teachers from St. Kliment Ohridski Sofia University Assoc. Prof. LL.D Hristo Hristev and Assoc. Prof. Boryana Museva.

Module 3 | 12-13th of September

Module 3 will explore two main issues which directly affect the development of LGBTI rights in Bulgaria

References for a preliminary ruling – this part of the training will be given by Assoc. Prof. LL.D Hristo Hristev – professor of EU Law in the St. Kliment Ohridski Sofia University

Applications to the ECHR – Att. Adela Kachaunova from the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee

There is an entry fee of 50 BGN for every seminar. We accept 5th year students from the Faculty of Law, free of charge. The training will be held in the Bankya Palace Hotel in Bankya, with accommodation, coffee breaks, breakfast, lunch and dinner being covered by the organizer – LGBT Organization Deystvie.

Applications are received by filling in this form.

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